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"Randy is the best. It is a great relief knowing someone has our best interests at heart since we no longer live in the area. Randy and his team are excellent at communicating and always let us know what is going on with our property. He has also found us a great renter despite a tough condo association board. We recommend him and his services highly."

Thomas McDonald

"Excellent service. Randy and his team allow property owners to be as "hands-on" or "hands-off" as they want. Very quick to react to property issues. Tenants are happy. And therefore, so am I. Highly recommended."

Kevin Jund

"Four years ago I was offered a promotion of state and had to relocate immediately. Of the numerous property managers my family interviewed, Randy was their favorite. He even waited 2 hours to speak with me, while I ran errands. Lol. That showed me his dedication, commitment and patience....from the very beginning. He's managed my property since 2012 and I have no complaints. I am type A and very demanding, and Randy exceeds all expectations and he does it with professionalism and politeness. His company is very efficient and easy to work with. I couldn't have asked for a better firm and property manager to manage my home. I'm very thankful for him and his services. If you are in needed of someone to manage your property, look no further. He's the best! My property is always leased out. He takes care of repairs. I receive monthly statements. I'm truly appreciative and grateful. Randy is awesome!"

Tamika Cole

"Metro Residential LLC has been managing my property since 2013. I live in Arizona, so it was very important for me to find someone in SoFL to manage my property who I could trust to make the day-to-day decisions that come up when you have a multiple unit building. I'm usually a very hands-on person. With Randy handling my property, all I need to do is shoot of a quick email or text and Randy responds quickly, even if it's late at night or the weekends (even when I tell him it can wait until the next business day). Metro Residential LLC is an excellent choice for your property management needs."

Carl Tippins

"I have been using Randy and his team as my property manager for about 10 years; I highly recommend him. Randy is one of the most trustworthy individuals I have met in over 30 years of doing business. I have never had an issue with him. He has always been ready to help out."

Heriberto and Gisela Granado

"We have been using Metro for a few years now and They could not be more professional. They handle 3 properties for us. They handle every detail, to finding tenants, to making sure everything works for those tenants. I rely on Randy and his team to make sure things run smoothly."

Teresa Dembeck

"I have had an excellent, overall experience with Metro Residential. They have been extremely, professional and helpful to me over the last few years. I would certainly recommend them to new customers."

Mauro Di Camillo

"We have only good things to say about Randy and his team at Metro Residential! Randy has managed both units of our duplex since we moved out of state 6+ months ago. We were worried moving away and "turning over the keys" to our income property, but Randy has made this transition very easy. He and his team are honest, communicate and respond promptly to questions, and also have a solid knowledge of the Fort Lauderdale rental market."

Jon Champlin

"Randy and his team are the best. Metro Residential has been the best decision I made for my rental property. Randy and his team handle all issues associated with my property with great professionalism. Metro Residential 's attention to detail and professionalism is what makes them stand out above the rest. I would recommend Metro Residential to anyone looking for an organized, professional, and friendly property management firm. Thank you Randy for everything you do for us."

Gerry Bonet

"I am very pleased with the help we got from Randy and the whole team. I can think of no one else with higher character to trust with my condo management needs. Definitely the best property management in the area."

Amer Turkovic

"Used the company for three years and have nothing but an excellent experience. Very professional and down to Earth."

Joseph Franco

"Randy and his team are amazing! I've been renting my unit through metro residential for the past three years and I have been the most pleasant experience. He finds renters easily and pick care of the entire process. I get my money on time every month and couldn't ask for more. They are great and I would recommend their services for anybody looking for an experienced real estate professional."

Paulette Gordon

"I have been working with Metro Residential for over a year and I can tell you I have been very pleased. They handled the repairs to my condo and found a good tenant. I have no complaints. Randy has been very responsive and follows up on every request. I would recommend him and Metro for sure."

Edgar Ochoa

"The team at Metro Residential has taken the pain out of owning a rental property. I have found them to be patient, respectful, very professional and a pleasure to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending them."

Brad Hilton

"Randy is great to work with and VERY professional, diligent and trustworthy!! He managed my property successfully for five years through the disposition process and I would recommend him and Metro Residential to anyone!"

amie Adams

"Randy has been a very reliable and valuable resource for my property. Contracting with Metro Residential was the best decision I made."

Phil Austin

"Randy is doing really good job with managing our property. I highly recommend him."

Sreten Utjesinovic

"Randy at Metro Residential does an excellent job, no complaints whatsoever, 5 stars!"

Conrad Corbett

"We really do value Metro Residential LLC and appreciate all what Randy does for us in consistently securing rentals for our property and taking care of all of the extras that go along with that. My husband and I love our condo and can’t wait until the time comes when we can retire and move into it permanently. Until then, it is vital that we rent it as much as possible and it would be next to impossible for us to do this on our own since we live in Canada. Randy takes all the effort and stress out of owning a rental property. We highly recommend him."

Gina Galli & Pierre Charky

"I was suffering with, Chronic Rental Property Management Saturation Syndrome, until I met Randy Bultema with Metro Residential. My severe case of CRPMSS kept me from pursuing other properties to add to my portfolio. Randy and Keith totally cured me of this affliction by providing first class rental management services, freeing up my valuable time to increase my wealth."

Russell Andrews

"Randy has done a great job, moving out the previous tenant, getting the house ready, and moving in the new tenant. It all happened in less than a month. There was a lot involved and he managed it so smoothly. I look forward to have my property managed by him for a long time to come."

Mehdi Naderi

"Metro Residential is very easy to work with. They quickly address concerns brought up by the tenant and Randy is very good at keeping the landlord up to date on the unit status"

Mike Lemmo

"I'm so glad I found Randy and the Metro Residential team! As an out-of-state landlord, I was caught off guard when my long-term tenant unexpectedly took a new job and relocated to Orlando, leaving me with an empty condo. Randy quickly stepped in and handled everything from repairs and cleaning needed before we could market the unit, all the way through to moving in my new tenant, and everything in between. They were my eyes, ears, and hands, and I was able to relax knowing that they had everything taken care of. I can't say enough good things about their service, communication, and results. Thanks for all you've done!"

Jon Kettering

"I found Randy and Keith when I was struggling with an incompetent management company. They jumped right in made the transition seen flawless and easy. Saved us a lot of money the first 2 months he came on board and he decided to take on a very huge project and a moody property owner he always manages to fix everything. Very organized always answer me promptly."

Donna Schwarz

"Randy and his entire team at Metro Residential LLC have been incredible to work with. As an out of state homeowner communication is crucial. Because of their commitment to making sure both the owners and their tenants are taken care of, I am able to sleep at night knowing my investment is well maintained and in great hands. I would highly recommend this company to anyone in need of property management"

Nyemah Clair

"After a rather bad experience with a large, national property manager chain, I turned to reputable, local expertise - Metro LLC!!!. Randy has been magnificent. He quickly cured a longstanding issue with a tenant so we all were happy to move on, and then he rented the unit out for a $200/mo increase demonstrating his ability to properly assess the market. I trust him to handle my property, and look forward to a long-term relationship as the property manager for my condo."

J Gil

"Metro Residential has been wonderful to work with. Their staff has been very professional and responsive to all our needs. I would highly recommend their services."

Vince Eck

"Metro Residential is the best property Management. Randy, Steve and the entire company are the most professional , very helpful. Every issue is handled efficiently and quickly. Definitely a 5 Star company! Thank you so much!"

Svetlana P

"I needed a property manager and Randy responded to my inquiries right away. Most importantly, he's always available and ready to take care of any tenant related issues. Highly recommend their services."

Guido Leon

"I had a great experience with Metro Residential. They answer my questions in a timely matter and were able to rent my unit fairly fast.I will definitely recommend Metro Residential if you need a property management company in South Florida"

Cristina Sirianni

"Randy has been great , taking care of our property and any issues with tenants. we appreciate the service he gives us."

Mary Stever

"Randy has been responsive to all of our questions and needs since before we signed on with Metro Residential as our property manager. We worked with Randy to scope out the market for our rental house and were fortunate to get a tenant signed and moved in almost immediately. Since that time, Randy has been available when requested to walk us through the monthly cash flows and funding position associated with the rental house. Having a local professional property manager like Randy has made owning our first rental house much less stressful."

Jim Presser

"I work overseas and am frequently in and out of the country, Randy has been nothing but helpful and professional through out the entire process."

Anthony Rossitto

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