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Property Staging for Rent: Is It Worth It?

Property Staging for Rent: Is It Worth It?

Landlords have a lot of expenses to cover, including mortgage, utilities, insurance, maintenance, and repairs.

With all those costs in mind, adding one for staging might feel overwhelming. But is staging for rent even worth it?

Typically a practice used in real estate, there are benefits of staging a property that's going to be rented, too. Keep reading to learn what staging is, how it's done in the rental market, and what you stand to gain.

What Is Staging?

Staging is typically a practice reserved for real estate sales. But using a professional stager for rentals is becoming more common.

Staging involves preparing the inside and outside of a property for sale on the market. More specifically, it means showcasing the best assets of the home without being too obvious about it. 

The purpose of staging is to impress potential buyers. It's not about decorating or interior design, but about making it appeal to the largest amount of people possible. You're then more likely to sell it quickly and for a good price.

Property Staging for Rent

Staging for rent and staging for real estate sales are two different things. But, ultimately, they serve the same ends. That is, to impress the largest amount of people and attract the best tenants.

The staging of a rental home can go two ways. First, you may stage the rental home like you would in real estate. That is, strategically having furniture and decor that make the space feel comfortable when it's shown.

Or, you could simply stage the rental property for photographs. This is cost-effective because the professional stager is only required for one day. After the photos are taken, the furniture and decor are removed and the unit is shown empty.

As most people find their rental properties online, having staged photos is still a great way to draw in the best tenants.

Benefits of Staging a Property

Many property owners think they're attracting enough tenants with the photos and showing process they're already using. While a clean, well-maintained property may get you enough tenants, what about good ones?

Good quality tenants are looking for a home and not just a space to hang their coats. You can help them see your property as that home by staging it well.

Whether you choose to stage just for the photos or for the entire time you're showing your space, a staged rental property will likely bring you more tenants. And the wider the pool you have to choose from, the greater the chance you're getting the kind of tenants you want.

Get More Help Managing Your Property

Staging for rent isn't as common as it is in real estate sales. But this method of preparing a home to show to prospective tenants can widen the pool you have to choose from. And when you have more tenants to choose from, you can choose the ones that are the best fit for your property.

But you didn't get into rental properties to get stuck with decor. Let us help. Contact us today to learn more.